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We can provide you and your family a safe haven, a sanctuary for your loved ones, your vulnerable and fragile. It is obvious that the UN and NWO are actively working towards the destruction of traditional Western societies around the world, with no consideration to the effects of this insane policy ON YOUR FAMILY AND LOVED ONES.

ALL institutions that we have traditionally believed in and trusted are working in concert to undermine and drastically change our societies. The Western societies have proven to be the most advanced and efficient that the world has ever seen yet the radical Left in each Western country is determined to destroy what generations of sacrifice and hard work have created, with no real viable alternative.

EVERY government, political party, religious group and NGO has been corrupted by this insane ideology, with a few exceptions such as President Trump, PEGIDA, One Nation ( Australia) and Le Pen ( France ). What we have seen happen to White people in Zimbabwe and South Africa will soon be happening in much of Europe, with the complete disregard of any world leaders.

The hypocrisy of the UN and many world leaders is beyond belief. They are actively pursuing the genocide of the Caucasian race in every country they can. Time to act!!   @2017

There are many stable and safe locations around the world that will be left untouched by the insanity sweeping most Western Nations. Places where Western people are welcomed and respected by the local populations. Where elderly and vulnerable people are treated with care and love, schools have not been tainted by insane ideology and brainwashing and a happy celebration of life by the local populations provides a vibrant and rewarding lifestyle. 

We will conduct a thorough and detailed analysis of your situation and budget, then draw up a viable plan to ensure those you love are SAFE and SECURE, away from  disintegrating societies in Western Europe, North America and Australasia. 



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We want to hear your views and experiences. Only together can we survive.

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